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Minor Setbacks

February 19, 2012

So I have attempted to set up my Clicky account which I succeeded in doing. I failed in trying to get it added to my blog. I also succeeded in setting up my Feedburner account. It should be working for my blog.

If I can’t get the clicky to work properly then I can’t take part in the challenge. That will not stop me however. I will keep following the challenge and using it to make my blog. I refuse to become discouraged so easily. If anyone can help me figure it out I’d be willing to listen.

I am thinking of a few theme styles for the blog. I wanted to make a banner of the various paleo art for the top of the page. I was even considering adding the Hall of the Bulls art work to the blog site. This may still be an option. I want to add photos and I’d like them to remain a prominent part of the site, so I am looking into a dual column layout.

I keep trying to fine tune the blog subjects. I want to discuss many little topics and how to incorporate health and wellness into them as much as possible. I’ve learned that it is okay from time to time to make posts that may be off subject or off theme.

This coming week I’m going to setup my main page and come up to date on all the remaining blogs for the challenge.


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