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Goals and Topics

February 17, 2012

Blog Name:

Hall of the Bulls – (This is in honor of the oldest surviving artwork of our anscetors)

My goals:

– To document my experience with paleo nutrition and fitness

– To document the above in a way that will help others in acheiving the goals they embark on

– To meet people (real life) that are interested in bettering themselves through paleo nutrition and fitness

– To provide people with real life examples of fitness and nutrition success stories (actual interviews and/or photos)

– To live an active life with my family and friends that is full of new adventure and locations of awe/inspiration

Topics, Expiriences:

– CrossFit

– Paleo Nutrition/Lifestyle

– MMA/Martial Arts

– Kayaking

– Hunting/Camping/Outsdoors Adventure

– Military

– Firefighting/EMT

– Manufacturing, Food Service, Lawncare

– Photography

I have also decided that I am going to continue to host my blog with This will be easier for me until I get a larger audience.
My actual blog will consist of a mash-up of these topics as they all fit together to make life more enjoyable. Lifestyle consists of fitness, health, and family/friends + the events that you encounter while enjoying these things. This will be my story in a way that hopefully benefits all of us.

I learned this week that planning is critical to this process. I haven’t done much planning but for what is listed above and this is all done one step at a time. I learned that I can find plenty to talk about on a daily basis and unless I record those ideas right away, I’ll surely forget them.

For next week I am going to make a draft post for my blog and start to sketch out a type of manifesto for my blog. I will also create accounts with the necessary sites to move further into the challenge. I also want to start thinking of layouts and main site photos. Of course I will not be able to share my exact sketches, but I can try to take photos of them and add them here.

Until next week.


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