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February 12, 2012


Today I have set up my weekly reminder to complete a report of my progress. This report will include what I have done, what I have learned, and what I am planning to do. This report will generate on the Friday of every week.

I know that today is not Friday, but since it is my first set of posts and logs I am considering this acceptable.

I have made it to set 4 of the challenge. I have reviewed the rules of the challenge and have nothing negative to report on the rules. I do think that I am not far enough along to set up the reporting functions so I will leave this as an incomplete task.

I have learned how to choose a topic for my upcoming blog. I need to set goals, list things I am interested in that will not cost much to learn about or write about (this needs to be researched a bit to have better success), review my subject matter against my goals and eliminate those that don’t connect, and rewrite my new list of subjects. This should really help narrow the playing field.

So, for Friday, I am going to have a list of at least three topics that meet my goals. The optimal outcome would be to have an actual topic chosen. Depending on the amount of detail that I remember to actually write down, I am going to post my eliminations and why I chose to eliminate those ideas. I am also going to review the rules of the challenge a few more times to see if my view of them have changed.

With only one week of preparationĀ I need to make sure I am not procrastinating on any of this. I know that since I am new I will have the urge to want to over acheive and catch up to the challenge. I feel that this may not be in my best interest, but I will let it prove itself out in the wash.


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