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First Topic

So I’m thinking that the first blog post will be an interview. I am looking for a successful athlete, but someone who is still not in the primary lime light. Since we are so close to spring/summer sport kickoffs I’m thinking I’ll try to get a list of questions together and contact a runner. Stay tuned!


Less Than Appropriate

So I have been slacking when it comes to updating this blog. Spring is here and it has, for lack of better words, been keeping me busy. I have had birthdays every week, the planning of my garden, tax season, and much needed fishing to get in.
I’ve been introduced to Tim Ferriss and started reading his books. I’m now sick of maintaining the status quo and need to break out of the everyday crap.
I am planning to start posting on the new blog in April. Stay tuned for what that may bring.


So I have made some big steps in launching the blog! I have set up a theme and created the about page. I have linked a few widgits and tried out the functionality of the links. All appears to be working great!

I have been following Expert Enough much more heavily and I am learning new things! I am putting together a list of what I want to ‘expert’ in so that I am not aimlessly moving from subject to subject. I hope to cover more of my adventures with this on the new blog site in the future!


A Couple Days Late

This past two weeks have been quite interesting. I have been taking part in the CrossFit Games Open and I have been really enjoying it. I have accomplished nothing towards my blog this week. I know, shame on me.

For the things that I have learned. I’ve actually learned quite a bit. I now have a good understanding that trying to become an advocate for evolutionary diet and fitness is going to take more than tweets and blog posts. I don’t quite know what to do but try and build up some contacts. That seems easy, but is not tending to sway that direction.
I’ve learned that I don’t want to sit behind a desk all day anymore. I have made a goal to myself that I will be a strength and condition coach in my own gym in 10 years. Quite a goal! To start I am going to find a mentor and get my CF cert and start training part time. This allows me to get a better idea of what will be in demand of me.

What I want to accomplish this week is setting up a meeting with my current CF coach and talking about getting into training.

Minor Setbacks

So I have attempted to set up my Clicky account which I succeeded in doing. I failed in trying to get it added to my blog. I also succeeded in setting up my Feedburner account. It should be working for my blog.

If I can’t get the clicky to work properly then I can’t take part in the challenge. That will not stop me however. I will keep following the challenge and using it to make my blog. I refuse to become discouraged so easily. If anyone can help me figure it out I’d be willing to listen.

I am thinking of a few theme styles for the blog. I wanted to make a banner of the various paleo art for the top of the page. I was even considering adding the Hall of the Bulls art work to the blog site. This may still be an option. I want to add photos and I’d like them to remain a prominent part of the site, so I am looking into a dual column layout.

I keep trying to fine tune the blog subjects. I want to discuss many little topics and how to incorporate health and wellness into them as much as possible. I’ve learned that it is okay from time to time to make posts that may be off subject or off theme.

This coming week I’m going to setup my main page and come up to date on all the remaining blogs for the challenge.

Goals and Topics

Blog Name:

Hall of the Bulls – (This is in honor of the oldest surviving artwork of our anscetors)

My goals:

– To document my experience with paleo nutrition and fitness

– To document the above in a way that will help others in acheiving the goals they embark on

– To meet people (real life) that are interested in bettering themselves through paleo nutrition and fitness

– To provide people with real life examples of fitness and nutrition success stories (actual interviews and/or photos)

– To live an active life with my family and friends that is full of new adventure and locations of awe/inspiration

Topics, Expiriences:

– CrossFit

– Paleo Nutrition/Lifestyle

– MMA/Martial Arts

– Kayaking

– Hunting/Camping/Outsdoors Adventure

– Military

– Firefighting/EMT

– Manufacturing, Food Service, Lawncare

– Photography

I have also decided that I am going to continue to host my blog with This will be easier for me until I get a larger audience.
My actual blog will consist of a mash-up of these topics as they all fit together to make life more enjoyable. Lifestyle consists of fitness, health, and family/friends + the events that you encounter while enjoying these things. This will be my story in a way that hopefully benefits all of us.

I learned this week that planning is critical to this process. I haven’t done much planning but for what is listed above and this is all done one step at a time. I learned that I can find plenty to talk about on a daily basis and unless I record those ideas right away, I’ll surely forget them.

For next week I am going to make a draft post for my blog and start to sketch out a type of manifesto for my blog. I will also create accounts with the necessary sites to move further into the challenge. I also want to start thinking of layouts and main site photos. Of course I will not be able to share my exact sketches, but I can try to take photos of them and add them here.

Until next week.



Today I have set up my weekly reminder to complete a report of my progress. This report will include what I have done, what I have learned, and what I am planning to do. This report will generate on the Friday of every week.

I know that today is not Friday, but since it is my first set of posts and logs I am considering this acceptable.

I have made it to set 4 of the challenge. I have reviewed the rules of the challenge and have nothing negative to report on the rules. I do think that I am not far enough along to set up the reporting functions so I will leave this as an incomplete task.

I have learned how to choose a topic for my upcoming blog. I need to set goals, list things I am interested in that will not cost much to learn about or write about (this needs to be researched a bit to have better success), review my subject matter against my goals and eliminate those that don’t connect, and rewrite my new list of subjects. This should really help narrow the playing field.

So, for Friday, I am going to have a list of at least three topics that meet my goals. The optimal outcome would be to have an actual topic chosen. Depending on the amount of detail that I remember to actually write down, I am going to post my eliminations and why I chose to eliminate those ideas. I am also going to review the rules of the challenge a few more times to see if my view of them have changed.

With only one week of preparation I need to make sure I am not procrastinating on any of this. I know that since I am new I will have the urge to want to over acheive and catch up to the challenge. I feel that this may not be in my best interest, but I will let it prove itself out in the wash.